What to Eat with Korean Food

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Anju is a Korean term for “food consumed with alcohol,” a widespread practice in Korea. Everything from the varied textures of Korean food such as meat, kimchi, fish, to the intense spices and flavours begs the question: what exactly do you drink with Korean food? Here are three suggestions to pair perfectly with our Korean-inspired dishes.

Soju: Soju is one of Korea’s most popular beverages. By itself, Soju has a strong, sharp taste but paired with the spices of marinated beef or pork, can onset hearty and comforting flavours.

Sake: Also known as “rice wine,” sake contains cleansing properties. A dry, sparkling sake paired with a fuller body meal can help cleanse the palate. Sake also goes particularly well with kimchi, our housemade addictive pickled cabbage.

Beer: Fried chicken or Korean seasoned chicken — like our Gochujang Maple Hill Chicken Wings — goes particularly well with beer. If you’re consuming spicy food, try opting for a crisp lager beer.